Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"12 Years A Slave" Top Indie Spirit Award Nominations

The Indie Spirit Awards were announced with "12 Years a Slave" topping the nominations with 7 and "Nebraska" obtaining 6. "Inside Llewyn Davis" also took homes a number of nominations as well as "All is Lost." Among the films snubbed included "Ain't Them Bodies Saints," "The Bling Ring," "The Place Beyond the Pines" and "Spring Breakers."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Philomena and Metro Manila Lead British Independent Film Awards

The British Film Awards announced their Nominees with Oscar contenders Metro Manila and Philomena among the top nominees. Blue is the Warmest Color, Wadjda, Blue Jasmine and The Great Beauty also Among Nominees 
Complete List of Nominees 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

European Film Award Nominations

The European Film award nominations were released and while it does not affect the Oscar race many of the films nominated have went on to win or get nominated for Best Foreign Film.  This year "The Broken Circle Breakdown," a film I personally did not like, led the nominees with five.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

About Time Review

Review From the New York Film Festival 
The romantic comedy is arguably the most formulaic of all film genres out there. Regardless of the twists and turns, the outcome will always be the same and the plot points that precede it will be a variation on some theme done a million times. One of the reasons why it endures is that when the romantic comedy is made with a top notch cast and some departure from the rules, it is one of the more enjoyable experiences at the cinema.
Along comes Richard Curtis' "About Time." The film seems ready embrace the romantic comedy with a unique concept and a terrific cast, but ultimately falls flat when it lets its central concept dominate the story and its characters. Continue Reading 


A Case of You Review

Review Comes from Tribeca Film Festival 

When one thinks of a festival film, there is always thought that the movies being showcased are dramatic, dark, original or sometimes quirky. Audiences never think of a sappy romantic comedy with generic plot lines or clich├ęd characters and dialogue. Unfortunately "A Case of You" starring Evan Rachel Wood and Justin Long, is exactly this type of film that one does not expect to see at such a prestigious film festival like Tribeca.

The movie tells the story of Sam, a young writer who tries to impress a girl Birdie that he meets at a coffee shop. When Birdie gets fired from the shop, Sam finds her on Facebook and uses her online profile to embellish his persona.  However he finds himself in a real mess when she falls for him and he has to keep up the act. Continue Reading