Tuesday, May 13, 2014

'The Double' Review on Latin Post!

Here is the review for "The Double" that I wrote on Latin Post.

Civil Rights was a major theme that dominated the cinematic landscape in 2013 with such films as "12 Years a Slave," Fruitvale Station" and "Lee Daniels' The Butler." The one-person genre also emerged throughout the year with such hits as "Gravity" and the critically adored "All Is Lost." While these two themes have continued to develop in 2014, another major cinematic motif has become more prominent this year. That theme is the doppelganger as evidenced in such films as "Face of Love" and "Enemy." Another film that has showcased the subject is the recent "The Double."
Magnolia Films
The film portrays the life of Simon James (Jesse Eisenberg), a simple and lonely young man who works in a government building, has to tend to a dying mother and is seemingly in love with the equally lonely Hannah (Mia Wasikowska). Life is at its all-time worst for poor Simon who seems incapable of expressing his feelings or asserting himself in the public eye. However, it only gets worse when James Simon, a man who looks exactly like Simon, emerges and starts to take over his life. Simon is then faced with the dilemma of fighting back for his life and making sure that he does not become a complete nonentity.

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New Name: From a Salazar POV

Hi everyone, 

Apologies for the instability of this blog for the last few months. We are going through a transitional phase with our film and are trying to create the most stable platform possible to promote it. We are creating a new blog for La Cuarta Productions and this one will return to being a hub about movie news or festival news. Look out for our continued Oscar coverage. 

Thanks for your understanding!