Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LIIFE Day 7 Impressions

So today was the final viewing session at LIIFE. I can't believe it's actually done. One hell of a week. Again, just one block today and four films. So here they are.

4. "Faith" (Pagtuo) by Janice Villarosa

A short film about a mother whose son suffers with cancer and her only means of saving him is by regaining her faith. I was thrilled that the filmmakers relied on momentum and brevity to tell the story, considering that this kind of film can often lead to overindulgence emotionally. However the final work, which is beautifully acted, leaves one with a great sense of emotional satisfaction as the credits start to roll.

3. "The Weekend Hostage" by Roger Barker

A comedy about a man who is kidnapped. He confronts his kidnappers and discovers something he never expected. The twist is quite interesting and alters the dynamics of the tension produced. It is mostly a quiet film, with the moments of comedy being very subtle.

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2. "The Obligation to Endure" by Julie Fergus

A documentary that brings the issue of closing libraries to the forefront and their impact on the American infrastructure. In this case, Fergus focuses on the government closing EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) libraries and how this impacts scientific research and studies. The main testimonials are from librarians that have been most affected by the closings and their comments are thought-provoking and insightful.

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1. "John Muir: In the New World" by Catherine Tatge

Part of the American Masters series by PBS, this documentary analyzes the revolutionary life of naturalist John Muir and how he changed the public's perception about conservation. A great history lesson if there ever was one, this film provides an in-depth, colorful portrait of a man who changed our nation's view on nature, but does not get the credit he deserves. This documentary certainly does a great job of restoring that prestige to John Muir.

So that's all for now. Tomorrow, we will be attending the awards dinner and then provide a recap of went on during the awards. We will also provide a list of our own personal favorites from the festival. An exciting post tomorrow!

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