Friday, October 14, 2011

First Oscar Predictions: Best Supporting Actress

This category has many hopefuls and no one set.

The following are in no particular order
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1. Carey Mulligan-Shame-Mulligan is one of the finest young actresses in the business. In 2009 she lost her nomination to Sandra Bullock, an award she deserved. Her performance is getting a lot of traction but the issue with this film is will voters look at a film that is bound to get an NC-17 rating.

2. Vanessa Redgrave-Coriolanus- After Berlin film festival, Redgrave received a lot of attention and her performance seems to be the showiest of the movie.

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3. Sandra Bullock Extremely Loud and  Incredibly Close-The trailer to this film looks exceptional and Bullock looks very committed to her performance. In addition she is recently off her win, making her a current favorite of the academy.

4. Octavia Spencer-The Help-Spencer is gaining a lot of traction for her witty performance in The Help, a film that has become very popular with audiences making it a front runner.

5. Shailene Woodley-The Descendants-She is a newcomer and it seems that she is really good. The film is getting good buzz giving Woodley a very good chance at a nomination.

At the moment I have no one else in mind who could compete in this category. I will update as the awards season begins.

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