Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Today was the last day of films at LIIFE. Thankfully I was able to catch two blocks where I was able to see some wonderful films. Here are the five films that I most enjoyed.

5. Excuse me for Living-Ric Klass's new film Excuse Me For Living premiered its trailer. The trailer let us see that it will be a diverting and fun movie that I really want to check out when it hits the festival circuit or DVD.

The Darkest Game
4. The Darkest Game-Paul Connor has devised a film that is both satirical and serious in tone dealing with addiction. He tells the story of a man who becomes addicted to Yahtzee and ruins his life. The metaphor is brilliant, and ultimately powerful.

3. Peace Acqua-The film by Joesph Sguera tells the story of two estranged brothers. Walter sets out to make peace with his sister Sloane but when he tries to fix everything, it's too late. The end is one of the most surprising finales to any film I have seen in this festival. It is an unforgettable and cathartic film.

2.Jambo Jumbo-A documentary about ten complete strangers head off to Kenya to transform a run down school. In just ten days they discover more than the joy of giving back to humanity, they rediscover themselves. It is an uplifting journey that shows how a small group of people can make a difference and chance the life of hundreds of children. It is also very inspirational and it is a film that should definitely be seen. 

1.#Whilewewatch-Whilewewatch is a gripping look at the Occupy Wall Street movement. The images are powerful, raw and riveting and it shows the brutality these people went through during the protest. The film is 40 minutes and while I enjoyed it thoroughly I would have liked to know more about what these protesters were looking for and what their ultimate goal was. Still the film is a tour de force.

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