Thursday, September 27, 2012

Arbitrage Review

Back in the 1987, Oliver Stone made a film called "Wall Street," a financial thriller about greed and exorbitant wealth. That genre of film has seen its peaks and valleys over the years but is currently on an incline in light of the financial turmoil. Since the recession began a few years ago, audiences have seen such financial thrillers as "Wall Street 2" and "Margin Call." Now comes "Arbitrage" a film that sticks to the financial thriller genre but also aims to be something more.

The film tells the story of Robert Miller (Richard Gere) who is your typical billionaire hedge fund manager who is trying to sell his company in order to make up for fraud that he has committed on a failed investment. Despite being a professed family man who runs his company with his children, he is having a love affair with an aspiring artist Julie Cote (Laetita Costa). Miller obviously feels a bit uncomfortable with the uncertainty surrounding his company and family's future and decides to run off with Julie one night. However, he dozes off at the wheel and in the ensuing crash kills her. Realizing the trouble he would be getting into with the sale of his company and his own family, he runs away from the scene of the crime and sets in motion the second plotline of the story. Continue reading

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