Thursday, October 11, 2012

Argo Review

Ben Affleck's first two films Gone Baby Gone and The Town were both solid films packed with energetic pacing and solid performances. But few would categorize them as great films. Argo, Affleck's latest work, is a great film that incorporates all the elements that made Affleck's past endeavors successful, but crafts them into a truly gripping portrayal of human courage.

Set during the Iranian Revolution, the film depicts a historic CIA rescue of six Americans who escaped from the capture of the US Embassy and were sheltered in the home of the Canadian Ambassador. At the center of the film is Tony Menez (Ben Affleck), a lonely CIA operative whose only chance at saving these people from Iran is to fabricate a film production and then pretend to be on a location scout with the six survivors. From the opening frames to the final moments, the film simply tightens the tension on the viewer until it reaches a cathartic finale. When that cathartic moment occurs (it's hard to miss it), the audience at the press screening erupted with applause. Continue Reading

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