Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Best of 2012 Awards

In preparation for our top ten list, Reel Salazars is proud to announce the Best of 2012 in Film. The following awards are for the technical, directing and acting awards.

Art Direction
Anna Karenina
"Sarah Greenwood's production design is some of the most inventive, imaginative, and magical work I have seen all year. While the film is far from perfect, Greenwood's design brought the viewer into the film."
Runner Up:The Master

Milhai Malaimare-The Master
"Paul Thomas Anderson once again demonstrates how to capture beautiful and complex images. Together with his cinematographer he tests the audiences patience yet entrances them."
Runner Up: Seamus McGravey-Anna Karenina

Costume Design
Jaqueline Durran-Anna Karenina
"Jaqueline Durran's Costumes were some of the most memorable costumes as they were not only beautiful to look at, they alos defined the character. Her 1950 couture mixed with 19th century dress was also striking."

Runner Up: Paco Delgado-Les Miserables

Film Editing
Dylan Tichenor and William Goldenberg-Zero Dark Thirty 
"Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty is by far one of the most tense and exhilarating rides this year. The films  running length is never felt and she always knows how to keep the viewer engaged."
Runner Up: William-Goldenberg-Argo

Makeup and Hair
"Daniel Day-Lewis' turn as Lincoln may have been incredible but had it not been for the makeup, the turn would never have been complete."
Runner Up: Les Miserables

Original Score
Dario Marianelli-Anna Karenina
"Dario Marinelli's score is by far one of the most beautiful complex scores written in modern times. He uses one theme and varies it up throughout giving it different variations that can sound at one point happy and the other point dreary and sad."
Runner Up:Alexsandre Desplat-Argo

Music Song
"Adele's song for Skyfall is by far the best song this year as it is not only deep with its lyric's but also catchy."
Runner Up: Strange Love-Frankeweenie

Sound Editing
Zero Dark Thirty
"Zero Dark thirty's Sound is one the best assets particularly in the final manhunt for Bin Laden where each sound  causes the audience to react in and different way. It is also the reason why this sequence is so affecting."
Runner Up: The Dark Knight Rises

Sound Mixing
"Argo's sound makes the film one of the most thrilling adventures of this year holding the audience close to their chairs as they watch Ben Affleck's journey unfold."
Runner Up: Zero Dark Thirty

Visual Effects
Life of Pi
"Life of Pi would never work if Richard Parker was created incorrectly. The creation of the tiger is so perfectly made that any one who does not know it is an effects tiger would believe it is real."
Runner Up:Prometheus

Best Adapted screenplay
David O.Russell- Silver Linings Playbook
"Funny, touching, dramatic and overall beautiful, Silver Linings Playbook demonstrates that romantic comedies can be raw and emotional."
Runner Up: Argo

Best Original Screenplay
Mark Boal-Zero Dark Thirty
"Tightly written, devastating and raw, Zero Dark Thirty does not hide back on anything showing the atrocities of war."
Runner Up: Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola:Moonrise Kingdom

Foregin Film
Amour (Austria)
"Beautiful yet distant Michael Haneke's Amour demonstrates that unconditional love exists."
Runner Up: The Forgiveness of Blood (Albania)

Moonrise Kingdom

"By far the best ensemble cast of the year providing laughs, and tenderness, the film stars Bruce Willis, Frances McDorrmand, Tilda Swinton, Edward Norton, Bill Murray and the new upcoming stars Kara Hayward and Jared Gilman." 
Runner Up: Silver Linings Playbook

Actress in a Supporting Role
Anne Hathaway-Les Miserables
"Hathaway's I Dreamed a Dream is showstopping and demonstrates that a performance can stick with the audience even if it two minutes."
Runner Up: Amy Adams-The Master

Actor in a Supporting Role
Phillip Seymour Hoffman-The Master
"Hoffman is complex and strange in this film giving by far the best performance of his career."
Runner Up:Leonardo Dicaprio-Django Unchained

Actress in a Leading Role
Jessica Chastain-Zero Dark Thirty
"Chastain delivers a subtle and affecting performance of woman who next move is never expected."
Runner Up: Emanuelle Riva-Amour

Actor in a Leading Role

Joaquin Phoenix -The Master
"While Hoffman may be the heart of the film, it is Phoenix who provides a virtuosic performance with lots of complexity.  
Runner Up:John Hawkes-The Sessions

Kathryn Bigelow-Zero Dark Thirty
"Bigelow's film is gripping and perfect and it is because she knows how to put every single piece together and asks the audience to question."
Runner Up:Paul Thomas Anderson-The Master

To Find out what made the Top Ten and What made the Honorable Mentions Stay Tuned

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