Friday, March 29, 2013

The Host Review

Writing a review about "The Host," based on the novel of the beloved (or reviled depending on who you ask) Stephenie Meyer, is impossible to do without bringing up the "Twilight" series, the works that launched Meyer's career to glory. The latter quartet of books (turned into five movies) were panned by the majority of critics for their thin plots, obsessions with shirtless men, poor acting, and terrible dialogue. "The Host" is Meyer's latest novel and screenwriting gig (she also penned scripts for her "Twilight" films) and there is no doubt that the plethora of Meyer supporters will flock to theaters and turn a blind eye to any criticism. But what about the rest of the viewers that have yet to join Meyer's fan club? Is "The Host" enough to change their preconceived notions of the "phenomenon" as fellow novelist Orson Scott Card called Meyer? Continue Reading

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