Monday, July 8, 2013

Pacific Rim Review

With such hits as "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Hell Boy," Guillermo del Toro has turned into one of the great cinematic visionaries of the modern era. The director's films are known for their visual splendor, their ability to create expansive fantastical worlds, and their memorable characters. Experiencing a del Toro film proves to be more than just thrilling escapism; through his fantastical world, the auteur reveals our deepest fears and wildest dreams.

After a year hiatus filled with side projects, del Toro has returned to the director's chair to bring "Pacific Rim," a film set in the near future that showcases the battle between massive robots known as Jaegers and Kaiju, monsters from another dimension hell-bent on destroying civilization. The concept is novel and has a tremendous amount of potential, but the final product represents del Toro's first major directorial misstep with its superficial treatment of its characters and its over-reliance on repetitive action. Continue Reading 

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