Friday, October 4, 2013

All is Bright Review

This review was published when the film was known as Almost Christmas when it premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

The holiday season is nowhere near, but Phil Morrison's "Almost Christmas" hopes that success at the Tribeca Film Festival will eventually turn into some nice numbers come Christmas time. As one might surmise from the title (and this introduction), the film attempts to recreate the good feelings surrounding the yearly celebration; thanks to solid performances from Sally Hawkins, Paul Giamatti, and Paul Rudd, it almost succeeds.
Set in Canada, Dennis (Giamatti) has just gotten out of jail after several years behind bars for theft. As the opening credits roll, the viewer is shown the long journey that he must endure by foot to get home to his wife Therese and daughter Michi. When he gets home he is told by his wife (through written notes) that she told his daughter that he has died of cancer. Eventually Dennis finds out that the problem is deeper than that. Therese is set to get married to Rene, another former thief who quit on Dennis and was the direct reason for his landing in jail. Dennis confronts Rene and eventually convinces him to allow him to work with him. The two set out for New York to sell Christmas trees and initiate the development of a friendship. Continue Reading


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