Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bastards Review

File:Bastards poster.jpgOnce in a while film directors decide to challenge the audience by providing a movie out-of-sequence. The viewer is asked to put the pieces and clues together by the end of the journey with the disjointed structure illuminating the viewer on the themes and ideas of the film. Claire Denis' latest film "Bastards (Les Salauds)" takes a stab at this structural experimentation but winds up becoming an incomprehensible mess that slowly falls into tedium.

The movie tells the story Marco (Vincent Lindon) who must investigate the disappearance of his niece Justine (Lola Creton). During his investigation he falls for the Raphaelle (Chiara Martoianni), who is married to the prime suspect Eduard Laporte (Michael Subor).
The film begins during a rainy night when a man commits suicide and a naked female, later revealed to be Justine, walks around the streets bleeding severely.  The opening sequence creates the mystery of the film as nothing is revealed about the characters and there is an ambiguity to what is going on. Continue Reading 

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