Friday, July 13, 2012


Today was LIIFE's official opening day and they did it in a classy fashion. The celebrations began with a nice reception that gave the fillmmakers a chance to mingle with fellow filmmakers. They also gave out the technical awards in which films such as Frammenti and Broadway's Finest won numerous awards.

Additionally I was able to go to two film blocks which showed a wide range of films and provided good and thought provoking entertainment. Here I will share five of my favorites from today (in no particular order).

5. Deep Water- The music video made by Janice Villarosa and Vu Ngoc Phuong translates a Phillipino folk song to the English language. The video tells the story of the angel of death waiting for his love's death and reuniting with her by the end of the video as the two kiss underwater. The films cinematography is extraordinary and its locations are memorable. The video is one of the most intelligent music video's I have seen in a long time. 

4. Live Outside the Box- I saw this film in Pittsburgh a few months ago and once again I found it to be as entertaining and thought provoking as the first time. The film tells the story a workaholic who neglects the world outside his office and slowly finds the world around him growing smaller and smaller. The visuals dazzle as does the short but effective story.

live outside the box short film still 1

3. The Things my Father Never Taught Me-
An enthralling short about a father's journey to avoid his father's mistakes and teach his preschool son about the only thing he never got a fatherly education: girls. The story's main character not only learns more about his son during this journey, but also learns to appreciate his relationship with his father in a different light. Shot in gorgeous black and white, this is one of the stand out shorts at the festival thus far. 

2. Ordinary Joe-Carlo Gennarelli's  latest documentary tells the story of Joe Sciacca, a Vietnam veteran who travels to Vietnam every year and tries to help the poor by donating money to help with their illnesses and food. Sciacca's journey shows his self fulfillment as well the happiness he brings to those people and shows how one ordinary person can change a community of people. The film can be disturbing at times as it shows images of illness and poverty emphasizing the aftermath of the Vietnam War. Riveting and powerful, Ordinary Joe is an extraordinary story that should be seen by all.

1. Broadway's Finest- A feature detailing three actors attempting to create the play that will launch their careers. In the process, the three enter the world of crime as fake police officer. Gorgeous cinematography and strong performances from the three leads highlight a comedic thriller that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. A true audience pleaser. 

Read about Day 1 HERE.  

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