Sunday, July 15, 2012


Today I went to a Distribution panel hosted by Marc Jacobson that featured industry experts. They gave types to the filmmakers about the best strategies into making their first features. They gave some very good tips that will surely help filmmakers for the future.

After the Panel I went to Dimensions by Sloiane U'Ren. Sadly I missed the first film but  from ending of the film it looked like it was incredibly great.

Dimensions-The film by Sloane D'ren and written by her husband Anthony Neely tells the story of "Stephen is a brilliant young boy who lives in England, in what appears to be the 1920s – but nothing in Stephen’s life is quite as it seems.  His world turns upside down upon meeting a charismatic and inspirational professor at a garden party, who demonstrates to Stephen and his friends what life would be like if they themselves were merely one, or two, dimensional beings.  He then proceeds to explain that by manipulating other dimensions, time travel may actually be possible.
As Stephen’s life unfolds, events lead him to dedicate himself to turning the Professor’s theories of time travel into reality.  Jealousy, love, obsession, temptation and greed surround him, influencing his fragile mind and the direction of his work. " Dimensions is moving and riveting and leads to unexpected ending, one of the most refreshing I've seen in years. While the film is a period film, Neely's script mixes science fiction refreshing a genre that at times can be very repetitive. U'ren's art direction is top notch rivaling that of any big budget feature and Neely's score enhances and gives depth to the film. The cinematography and costumes are impressive. Finally the acting by the leads bring the film to another level. Each performance is nuanced with sentiment and emotional depth. Without a doubt Dimensions is one of the best festival films I have seen all year. 

I can't wait to see more great films tomorrow.

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