Monday, July 16, 2012


Today was the fifth day of the film festival and I was able to go to two blocks watching a series of short films and a feature film. The following are the five films I most enjoyed from today.

5. One Night stand and Consequences-The film by Sylvain Giannetto tells the story of Nicolas who has a one night stand with Nina and then must confront her father. The film is frightening as Giannetto never reveals anything about the parents but shows them in extremely awkward and compromising situations. Giannetto sets  out to show the consequences of unsafe sex and brings it  to a conclusion that is unexpected.

4. Scraps-The film tells the story of a man who survives an earthquake. The film is visually stunning with very fine performances.

3. In Tune with you- The film tells the story of a distraught woman who can longer love her husband the same way. The film is heartbreaking and moving, yet positive in the long run. Unconditional love is the main theme and is so well brought into the film.

2. Transference Love-Upon reuniting with her estranged dad, Larisa becomes attracted to his new girlfriend. The film becomes sexually charged between the two women, breaking Larisa and her dads relationship for good.  

1. My Mother- The film by Sandra Seeling is a fun and comic yet emotionally compelling film which tells the story of a woman who must accept her mother the way she is. Sandra Seeling is a wonderful actress as well as a refreshing director bringing some vivid images and color to her story.

My Mother from Sandra Seeling on Vimeo.

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