Friday, July 20, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Review

Our critic David Salazar has reviewed the film through Latinos Post. Here is a snippet

The era of the blockbuster trilogy has consistently met with a similar fate and a daunting question in its wake: Why is Part three always a failure? The Star Wars series reached a high point of maturity and tragedy with "Empire Strikes Back" before reverting to juvenile fiction in hopes of tempering the darkness and ending the trilogy on a lighter tone. The Lord of Rings' final piece found itself unable to end comfortably and dragged long after the story had been concluded. In the realm of comic book movies, the third Spiderman movie never found an identity the way its two immediate predecessors could, leading to a lackluster ending.

Now comes Christopher Nolan's much anticipated conclusion to the most successful franchise of the last decade and that question naturally reasserts itself with a vengeance and in a twofold manner. Is "The Dark Knight Rises" a satisfying ending to the Batman trilogy? But the most prevalent aspect of that question is: Is this film better than its genre-defining predecessor? For the full review click here:

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