Friday, July 20, 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Review

Comic book movies have witnessed tremendous metamorphoses over the last decade. In the genre's infancy at the start of this century, comic book films were simply vehicles for action and dazzling effects. Thematically, they retained a light and aloof tone, often cheerful and positive in their output.  However, that all changed in the middle of the decade with the arrival of Christopher Nolan's "Batman" series; essentially a philosophical essay on the nature of the hero. Not only did the thematic profundity of Nolan's saga push the genre's expectations in new directions, but so did its tone. Gone were the days of lightness and camp; comic book movies needed to be dark, moody, profound. From that arise "V for Vendetta," "Watchmen," and most recently the "X-men" reboot and the upcoming Superman reboot. For the full review click here:

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