Sunday, August 5, 2012

Films I saw this week !

This week I was able to catch up on some of last years Oscar contenders.

My Week with Marilyn- The film about Colin Clark's experience on set with Marilyn Monroe and Lawrence Olivier brings alive a brilliant cast that is led by Michelle Williams' remarkable performance. Williams brings a tragic element to one of the most iconic actresses of all time and Kenneth Branagh also turns in a tour de force. Although these performances are incredible the script falls apart in the third act as it builds to nothing. While it isn't a great film, it is a good study of Monroe's character. B

Young Adult-Jason Reitman has been a director I have followed from his first feature "Thank you for Smoking" bringing delightful and comic films as well as incredible studies on society. Young Adult represents a  change in his work as he turns in a film that can be dry and depressing. The film tells the story of a women returning to her old town and attempting to get her high school sweetheart back while trying to break his family apart.  Charlize Theron gives a dramatic performance that should have been nominated for the Oscars. Diablo Cody's dialouge is once again spot on and while the script may be to dark for a mass audience it is a film that should be seen. A

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